GPS Directorate hosts virtual meeting on public doc changes

On May 7, the GPS Directorate will hold a virtual Public Interface Control Working Group Meeting. The meeting will take place 8:30–10:30 PST.

During the meeting, the directorate will review changes to several GPS public documents to reflect how users will calculate the correct UT1 time following a leap-second transition.

The 2019 virtual Public Interface Control Working Group is open to the public. The meeting is available through dial-in only.

Documents affected:

The meeting will update the public on GPS public document revisions and collect issues and comments for analysis and possible integration into future GPS public document revisions.

For more on the revisions,as well as dial-in and contact information, go to Also see the Federal Register notice.

Dial-In Number:
Meeting ID: 6729512
Password: 123456

Points of Contact:
Capt Michael Telcide

Registration deadline is May 3.


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