Positioning Interface

Sequence Diagram

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%%{init: {'theme':'forest'}}%% sequenceDiagram autonumber alt PMODE_SINGLE single point positioning rtkpos()->>pntpos(): rover position and time by single point positioning pntpos()-->>rtkpos(): return rtkpos()->>rtkpos(): return 1 end alt PMODE_PPP_KINEMA precise point positioning rtkpos()->>pppos(): precise point positioning pppos()-->>rtkpos(): return stat rtkpos()->>rtkpos(): return 1 end alt PMODE_MOVEB moving baseline rtkpos()->>pntpos(): estimate position/velocity of base station pntpos()-->>rtkpos(): return rtkpos()->>rtkpos(): timediff() alt TTOL_MOVEB time sync tolerance for moving-baseline rtkpos()->>rtkpos(): return 0 end rtkpos()->>rtkpos(): time-synchronized position of base station else maxtdiff max difference of time (sec) note over rtkpos(): Static base station correction QC rtkpos()->>rtkpos(): age of differential error rtkpos()->>rtkpos(): return 1 end note over rtkpos(): Always runs for PMODE_MOVEB (moving base) and PMODE_FIXED (static base) rtkpos()->>relpos(): relative positioning relpos()->>rtkpos(): return rtkpos()->>rtkpos(): outsolstat() rtkpos()->>rtkpos(): return 1

Reference : https://mermaid.js.org/syntax/sequenceDiagram.html